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It all started when I...

I used the money I earned working at Fishlake Lodge during the summer to buy a computer. The Sinclair ZX-81 only had 1K RAMI I quickly taught myself BASIC and ran out of memory in short order, but I was hooked. I then moved on to the VIC-20, Apple IIe, and finally a PC. I taught myself Clipper and started building software for businesses. Syncnet, was born in 1987 while I was attending college.

I couldn't believe it...

When I first saw the Internet, even as archaic as it was. I immediately could see that this was the future. I put a server out on the backbone of the web and started hosting business websites. The monthly cost for the server was $800/month which was more than my house payment! This was 1995.

I made this change and...

Programming on the web in the early days was challenging but I soon mastered it and moved many of my database system to the web. I did a lot of custom development work, had an online store, and helped businesses make the transition to the web.

And finally, it was...

When I launched eBizSuite in 2001, it immediately took off! I could barely keep up with the demand. The system had a 2-step sales process which was basically one of the first funnel-based checkout process. My clients sold $450 Million+ in the years that followed. Today, eBizSuite is a solid solution and still cranks out sales for our clients. When you have that much money going through your backend databases you learn things about marketing online that not just anyone can learn. So now we help others benefit from our experience of working 100% online since 1995.

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