Audio Intros

Tired of paying high prices for individual clips and loops?
I'm sure you've looked around before you found us. Most Musicians are selling their music at a steep price. They typically sell them PER CLIP! I won't mention names or sites but, if we did the same thing it would cost you $8,985.00 to get as many clips as we have bundled in our Audio Intros Package.

Other Musicians have complicated licensing structures and make it difficult to decide if you are actually legal to use it at all!

Are you beginning to see the value here? We offer an uncomplicated Royalty Free license and we have 300+ clips all in the same package and all at a price it would cost to take us to lunch!

Do you wish that your audios had a more professional-sounding background track?

How much more money could you make by taking your websites and products to the next level?

Now You Can!

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