Mobile Apps for Business

Previously, the rising cost of mobile app development made it almost impossible for small businesses to create a mobile app the would allow customers to engage your brand on a day-to-day basis.

We have fine-tuned the development process so you can get a fully-functional app in the iOS and Google Store, saving your business thousands of dollars.


How are Small Businesses Benefiting from Mobile Apps?

Stay in front of the competition and in front of your customers!

A recent survey showed that 62 percent of the businesses asked already had apps or were in the process of building one. Of those, 20 percent used their apps purely for branding purposes, 30 percent have revenue generating apps and 50 percent use them for support and engagement.

We spend 174 minutes on mobile devices every day. Mobile sales are estimated to have reached $74 billion in 2015 — up 32 percent from 2014. Thirty percent of all online purchases by Millennials are done on mobile devices. This jumps to 33 percent for moms and 43 percent for U.S. Hispanics.

The projections around app driven revenue are staggering. Non-game app downloads are estimated to grow 23 percent in the next five years, exceeding $182 billion in 2020. Smartphone adoption in emerging markets should see mobile app store downloads more than double between 2015 and 2020.

Current data about mobile purchasing across the different age groups gives a strong indication that in 5-10 years, everyone is going to be a mobile shopper. Sixty-nine percent of millennials buy products on their smartphones, compared to 53 percent of Gen Xers and 16 percent of Boomers.

The increased market share and spending power this brings will make apps a necessity for B2C businesses in order to streamline a consumer’s journey from product browsing to payment.


We can add these to your app and a whole lot more!


The Calendar will enable you to share with your users the place and date of your events.


Contests will help you increase the purchasing frequency by giving your customers their ranking based on their loyalty.


If you have an older website, it probably isn't optimized for mobile.

Push Notifications

Once your application is featured on the App Store and Google Play, you’ll be able to send push notifications to your customers immediately or scheduled in the future.

Loyalty Card

With the Loyalty Card you’ll be able to create a mobile punch or stamp card. It means there will be a reward after a number of purchases.

Scratch Cards

With the Scratch Card you can offer your customers a chance to win rewards and give them a fun motivation to visit your business.

News Updates

This option allows you to create a news page with a photo and comments from users. It works like a news wall, users are able to find all the posts you wrote on it.


Works great for multiple locations. Select the location nearest you and a map with directions will guide you there.

Steps To Getting Started


Create a custom layout and color styling to match your brand. We offer the design elements to make your App Appear as good as it will function.


Design meets Function. Use our drag-and-drop mobile app builder to choose from an extensive list of native features and 3rd party integrations.


See your App and Native Mobile Functions come to live in its glory and make proper adjustment before Publishing. We Offer an App Previewer and also a Unique App URL for Demo and Showcase


One Design multiple App Platform. Easily Publish your app for iOS, Android, and HTML5. We Offer Additonal automated iOS Upload to make your Publication even Easier


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