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Link Building Methods

1. Press Releases – Press releases are good directory submission tools, but unlikely to draw major media attention. They provide foundational links, so don’t pay too much. Sites like are good, but is free.

2. Social Bookmarking – While some people use social bookmarking successfully, I avoid this method because it is a micromanagement strategy. or Wordpress plugins can automate the process for minimal cost. Keep in mind if you use social plugins on your Wordpress site that these links don’t always match up with your audience.

3. Software Distribution – This can be very effective when you create quality software. With 900+ directories for submissions, you can get traffic easily. Just be sure the software you create is valuable. Be creative and contact workers on or to get software made for less than $1,000. This is also a great lead capture tool if you want to give it away on your own website.

4. Video Distribution – Great tool for getting foundational links on YouTube and other directories, plus it can provide search engine rankings on Google’s hybrid results pages.

5. Private Blog Networks – This refers to blog networks of between 1,000 and 10,000 sites where you can buy advertising or post space on a thematically related blog. AMautomation is a great example. Some sites require you to create content; others will generate content and you can just submit the link. This is useful for building internal links, but you won’t get high value from every post – another solid foundational link building tip.

6. Q&A Marketing –  This can take too much time so use at your own discretion, it can provide useful foundational links through Quora, Yahoo! Answers, and others.

7. RSS Distribution – While it seems incredibly easy, the payoff isn’t nearly as good as some people want it to be. Gets you decent exposure and the cost is low, but value of the links is marginal. Worth doing though due to the level of distribution you can generate.

8. Pay Per Post – Due to Google’s condemnation a few years ago, many people stopped doing this. However, it is still highly effective if you can find affordable posts on thematically related sites. A blog post might cost $200 to have listed, but keep in mind that you get direct traffic as well. Some top sites have 20,000+ subscribers. If you have an affiliate site or product page, this will have a huge impact.

9. Profile Link Building – This involves setting up profiles on authority sites with forums or discussion platforms and putting a link on your profile page with your keyword as anchor text. It builds links fast, but the links are low value. Also, this method may not be available forever – there is a nagging suspicion that Google will devalue these links in the future. So, make sure you diversify and don’t use too many profile links.

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