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If I had to start from scratch - 40 things I'd do first

1.    Start with building an email list.  You can use a newsletter two articles and one product review 
2.    I would create my logo 
3.    I would build a blog, get a custom a custom theme on your domain
4.    Start a Facebook page get blog integrated with Facebook, design my difference from the start create my catch phrase 
5.    Start a 90-day article campaign put bribe to get them to go to your site and then submit to directories 
6.    Press release marketing 
7.    I would buy all my competitors’ products to find out what they do and find out a typical customer's experience 
8.    Attend all industry events on or seminars 
9.    Make a list of what my competitors have their products their price points their domains 
10.    Make a list of what my competitors don't have 
11.    Follow all my competitors blogs you can do that with using Google reader 
12.    Join all forums in my industry 
13.    Make a list of questions people ask in the forum (this can also be outsourced eventually)
14.    Make a complete list of what I feel the industry wants 
15.    Take notes on my industry and what they like to learn 
16.    Make a list of price points of competitors and come up with an average 
17.    Make an outline of all the items I would want to say in my product 
18.    I would decide if all info was one product or two 
19.    Ask yourself what the next logical step is, what would they do after they buy the first product 
20.    Create a product based on my research 
21.    Create an AdWords and Bing advertising account 
22.    Create a website for the product make sure it has an OPT in a sales letter and upsell and upsell on the thank you page 
23.    Create a series of ads to run on PC use all three networks and split test 2 
24.    Make a list of ezines I could buy ads in 
25.    Make a list of blogs I could buy and add on 
26.    Figure out my book physical book for credibility 
27.    Continue to research new products 
28.    Do a webinar to get the content from my book and charged people to attend 
29.    I would research the best time to release my book to be sure I don't have a lot of competition release in February or release opposite of everyone else a book is just a Legion YTY you them you do everything the opposite as your competitors 
30.    Create a series of press releases from my book 
31.    Create a blog for my book with an opt in to collect emails 
32.    Create a Facebook page for the book 
33.    Create a Twitter account for the book 
34.    Create a back end offer for the book you could create a free membership to get additional info not found in the book 
35.    Create a series of seminars or workshops on the book 
36.    Create a powerful backend bribe and send readers to opt in 
37.    Send copies to the media elite in my market 
38.    Try to get my book in celebrity grab bags if appropriate 
39.    Collect testimonials from top people in my market and put it on the back of the book 
40.    Create a media campaign and get listed on 
41.    Release the book and find the top radio shows for my market talk shows or podcasts 
42.    Would continue to create new products now that I have a following 
43.    Work on speaking skills and getting on stages 
44.    Create a membership site based around the topic of my products and the book 
45.    Continue advertising the book and the product and then 
46.    Repeat these steps and this process as necessary 

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