How to turn a bad experience for a customer to a positive one.

Today I had the opportunity to speak at the CTI Consultants Conference in Chicago.  I volunteered to help the on-site staff stream the event to those watching world wide and was kept busy keeping everything running, up until the time that I was to deliver my presentation:  "Internet and Reputation Marketing for Financial Analysts."

I had a 6:50pm flight back to St. George, UT and my presentation ended at 4:15pm but I was immediately rushed out the door to do an 8 minute live interview to a different audience and grabbed my carry-on and was out of the hotel.  For those of you familiar with Chicago, trying to get from downtown to O'hare on a Friday at 4:30pm with a cab or Uber just isn't going to work with the limited time I had so I scrambled the 5 blocks to the train station hoping I would:  

  1.  Find the entrance to the train station. (Not an easy thing to do with all the high rises blocking GPS on my phone)
  2. Get on the right train 
  3. Get off at the right stop

Stuff like that can stress a person out when any mishap along the way will cause me to miss my flight.  I got through to O'hare and ran through the long hall ways until I actually got into the airport (it's quite a haul BTW) and I found the check-in treminal for Delta, and swipe my card to make sure I get my tickets and check-in so they know I'm coming and not to leave without me!  To my dismay, I find that my flight has been delayed, which will cause me to miss my connecting flight to St. George and with the next day being Saturday, the flights to St. George are limited.  So at least I wasn't going to miss my flight but now I get to stand in line for an agent to help me figure how to correct this mess and it was clear I wan't going home tonight.

The agent gave me options, I could take the delayed flight and arrive in Salt Lake City at 11:30pm and get a hotel there or stay another night in Chicago.  I would have had to go through security twice if I went to Salt Lake and stayed there so I chose to stay in Chicago.  The agent hooked me up with a night at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 3 vouchers of $15 for food and I wasn't going to get to St. George till 3:30pm the next day.  The agent took good care of me and turned what could have been an ugly situation into a tolerable one.  I like flying Delta!

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