Twitter Marketing Automation

Twitter has blown up in recent years. And the fact is - Twitter isn't  just for celebrities, news channels & media authorities.

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Robots.txt why it's important to have one for your website

Sitepoint is always publishing info that is relevent to anyone that has an online presence.  Today they posted an article on the robots.txt file that every website should have in the root of their website.  It is a simple text file that anyone can create using notepad.  It instructs user-agents (search engine spiders) how to sp... Read More

Facebook Video Engagement

The folks at just released an article that could be the difference in launching a successful ad campaign on Facebook.

After analyzing the data from 100 million videos and monitoring engagement the topic that garners the most Facebook engagement is: Food.

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The Secret to Getting Your Contact Data Out of LinkedIn

Linkedin Data Download

Have you ever wanted to be able to grab all of the emails for all your contacts in LinkedIn?  I have over 900 1st level contacts on LinkedIn which is more friends than I have on Facebook!

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Stock Image Resources

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139 Facts and Stats About Instagram

139 Facts and Stats About Instagram

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How to turn a bad experience for a customer to a positive one.

Today I had the opportunity to speak at the CTI Consultants Conference in Chicago.  I volunteered to help the on-site staff stream the event to those watching world wide and was kept busy keeping everything running, up until the time that I was to deliver my presentation:  "Internet and Reputation Marketing for Financial Analysts."<... Read More

CES 2017

With our annual trek to Las Vegas to attend CES (Consumer Electronic Show) over, it is time to reflect on the things we learned and saw.

1. You have to go to Eureka if you go to CES.  It is in the basement of the Sands Convention Center that you get to through the Venetian Hotel but it is worth the walk.  This is where yo... Read More

Conversion Day 5

We have had no conversions and our click throughs have dropped as well on our link at (link is no longer working)

This BMI calculator is a great tool to keep people here but our offers aren't working.  We have had an offer, Sensi Clear which is an acne/facial cream and

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