Ad Management

Search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo and social media platforms all provide opportunities to win attention from Internet users through the use of online advertising space.

The power behind this form of specialized marketing gives companies an incredible position when it comes to reaching out to their target demographics. However, there are a variety of factors which can influence how effective this type of advertising PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is for businesses.

Running efficient PPC campaigns requires a lot of time and attention to detail. Marketing strategists need to follow the data produced by the campaign each day, so they can make adjustments in order to optimize the ads. If something is not working, it needs to be changed immediately to optimize your ad spend's return on investment.


We can do all of these and a whole lot more!

Keyword Research

Ad Creation

Landing Page Development

Tracking, Installation, Testing


Monitor Performance

Campaign Assessment

Analysis and Feedback

Ad Management Plans

Staying on top of your ad spend. We bill by the hour to manage your ad campaigns. Our standard hourly rate is $100/hour. You can save money by buying a block of time.



For small campaigns this maybe all you need.

This works out to $95/hour.

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If you are running ads on all social media platforms, PPC networks and doing retargeting then this is probably what you need.

This works out to $85/hour.

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