Who We Are?

Founded in 1987 by Colin R. Brown was attending college, Syncnet, Inc. operated as a vertical systems integrator and custom software developer until 1995 when we saw the opportunity of the Internet and started hosting business websites. Since 1995 we've brought our entire customer base to the web and moved their internal database systems to run on the Internet. Syncnet has taken the best methodologies and practices and developed many Internet solutions over the years for multiple industries.

Our Mission

Helping small businesses grow

Simply stated, we help your business grow and adapt to the changing technology landscape, by using technology to automate your business so that you, the business owner, can have more time for your family.

30 Years Experience

Our experience is all you need

Having survived the last 30 years is no simple feat. We've had many customers come and go and seen wild successes and incredible flops.

We've helped fortune 500 and solopreneurs. We've helped the established and the start-up. We've been the consultant and the guy who actually got his hands dirty to make something work. We've done risky projects and those that were a sure thing. Through it all we have gained vast experience in pretty much everything you can experience as a business owner in the 21st century. It's been great fun!

Why Choose Us?

30 Years of Experience

Being around for 30 years, you would think we would be a large organization. Not so, we stay small so we can be more agile. We can change direction quickly when markets change. Quick story, we once invested in an innvoative startup that quickly grew to $13 million in sales. They added employees and Class A office space so fast that they couldn't see the change in the market. In the end, they couldn't downsize fast enough for the market correction and they finally ran out of cash and had to close the doors. We have many stories like that. You would expect that hanging around business people for as long as we have, but we try to learn from others. So we'll never be large but we will always care for your business as much as you do.

  • IT Consulting
  • Business Consulting
  • $300 Million Sales for Our Customers
  • Custom CRM Expertise
  • Live Streaming Expertise
  • Over 1 Million Web Pages Created
  • Backend System Development
  • SQL Server Expertise
  • Membership Site Expertise
  • Marketing Consulting
  • We Like to have Fun
  • We Love our Customers
  • No Debt
  • Private Corporation
  • Family Run

We are experts in

  • Marketing Automation Email/SMS Text Autoresponders
  • Lead Generation B2B Leads are our Specialty
  • E-Learning Custom Training Development
  • Membership Sites Subscription Sites - Recurring Billing

As technology continues to evolve, we continue to adapt to changing needs.

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